Season's Greetings!

from Judy Barrows & Charlie Ipcar

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2017 was a year of changes and transitions, some endings and some beginnings, some happy, some sad.  February was the hardest month – we lost both of our almost-20-year-old cats Tejitu and Tilahun within a few days of each other, and a few days later, Charlie's mom passed away.  Dahlov would have been 100 in November, and she was healthy and creatively active until the end – but it still seems way too soon.  She does live on in her art and in our hearts – and her cat Chelsea Girl now shares our home.  Charlie organized a wonderful memorial service for Dahlov in August with stories and songs and love and laughter, and helped organize three major shows of her art work this year, planned in conjunction with her 100th year.

Music was again a big part of our lives, with a highlight being a visit from members of the Roaring Forties, an Australian group with a strong nautical repertoire.  They were able to perform with Charlie's group Roll & Go, and we were able to spend a few days with them at Robinhood Farm, showing them the sights of Midcoast Maine and catching up on the news from Australia – it's been too long since we've been there!

Judy's big news for the year is that she really did retire after working 34 years for the Clerk of the House at the Maine Legislature (most recently doing tech support) – and she says the people who told her she'd be busier than ever were right!  She also wrote a song in honor of Dahlov, Lands the World Has Never Seen – and managed to sing it at Dahlov’s Remembrance.  Charlie writes lots of songs – Judy's are less frequent.

Charlie's big project for the year is coordinating and taking part in a major renovation of the 150+ year old farm house where he grew up.  Like many houses with dirt basements and stone foundations, the sills were rotting and the foundation walls were crumbling – and the doorways were at interesting angles, especially in the kitchen wing.  It's a huge project – but when they're done, the house should be good to go for another 150 years or more.

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